Our company is an independent member firm of Morison KSi in London/United Kingdom.

Morison KSi – an intercontinental cooperation of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors all over the world – has been founded to provide services in all tax, audit and economic matters on a high level across all countries.

At present, 163 audit firms in world-wide 87 countries are part of the cooperation.

All members of Morison KSi guarantee a high professional level. The members keep their standards in conferences on a regular basis to fulfill the requirements of their international clients.

Within Morison KSi we offer our service on an international basis in all areas of audit, tax and financial planning as well as management consultancy. With the help of all partners and sources of information the members are in a position to solve international matters fast and in a professional way.

We would appreciate to support you to find the local partner to solve your problems.